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Why Join?

Become part of the ONLY virtual assistance organization more Canadian than the “double double

Tim’s has crossed the border and is now enjoyed by our American neighbors. The double double may have originated in Canada but it’s not authentically ours anymore, kind of like Celine Dion, Superman and Basketball.

The Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection is truly 100% Canadian – started by Canadian VAs for Canadian VAs.

We’re going to assume that if you weren’t Canadian, you wouldn’t be reading this, so let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s frustrating to be on *this* side of the border. For example:

  • How many times have you been forced out of an online form (after spending a ton of time on it) because there was only a list of states to choose from and no provinces in sight?

  • How many contest entries have you not qualified for because you’re Canadian? (Funny how we’re permitted to buy American magazines at a jacked up cover price, but we can’t win their stuff, isn’t it?

  • We can’t catch our favourite shows online on most major TV networks’ websites

  • No listening to free music on Pandora for us

  • Our dollar is almost always weaker than the “USD”

  • All the best stuff on ebay is listed by sellers in “The States”

  • versus – is there any contest?

Of course, Canada is a wonderful country and we’re proud to be from the Great White North with our Beaver Tails, poutine and free health coverage, but sometimes it feels like most things in the world are created for Americans.

You’re so used to not being eligible for things because you have a postal code and not a zip, you probably never dreamed there would be a special VA organization just for us Canadians.

In fact, if you’re like many new and aspiring virtual assistants, you might be surprised just to know that the VA industry exists, let alone that you can join a uniquely Canadian Virtual Assistant community.

What exactly is CVAC?

CCVAC is an organization uniting Canadian Virtual Assistants and the world and the ONLY VA organization restricted to Canadians.

We provide a platform for VAs to network, exchange knowledge, plan in person meet-ups with other local VAs and most importantly to obtain support from other VAs in various stages of their business development.

We know that Canadian VAs are a sharp bunch. Among us are the very highest standards of education, relevant experience and professionalism required to provide outstanding business support services. Our mission is to connect our stellar Canadian VAs to clients - on a global level.

Through an impressive knowledge base, a growing network and exchange of innovative ideas, Canadian VAs are making a big mark on a growing industry. CVAC exists to foster this growth and we do so one VA at a time and one client at a time.

Who created CVAC?

If you’ve been doing any amount of research into the virtual assistance industry in Canada, you’ve probably heard of us already.

The CVAC was co-founded by Janice Byer and Elayne Whitfield-Parr in 2001.

In 1998, Janice Byer launched her VA company, Docu-Type Administrative & Web Design Services, drawing from more than 20 years of administrative assistance. Janice is very active in the virtual assistance community. She is a certified Master Virtual Assistant (MVA), a Certified Canadian Virtual Assistant (CCVA), a reviewer for the process and she has been the recipient of several prestigious awards for her entrepreneurial accomplishments.


Elayne Whitfield-Parr is the proud owner of Executive Assistance Business Solutions Inc., which was established in September of 2000. Along with being co-founder of the CVAC, Elayne is a certified MVA, a Certified Canadian Virtual Assistant (CCVA) and a member of the elite PREVA (Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant) network. She was also nominated for the prestigious Thomas Leonard International Virtual Assistant of Distinction Award in 2008.

 Elayne is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and holds a BA in Administrative and Commercial Studies. She has worked in administration and management since the late ‘80s mostly in the high tech (software) industry. Elayne has coached and advised many new VAs, is a Mentor with the Ontario Odyssey program and speaks publically on many subjects including starting a VA business and how to get the most out of a VA relationship.

Enough about us - how can CVAC support YOUR business?

Whether you’re still dreaming about starting a VA business, are trying to build your client- base, or you’re a seasoned pro, the CVAC has something for you:

A bustling email Discussion List for connecting with your fellow Canadian VAs

Sure there are many VA organizations you can join, and even though the CVAC is the only one you really need to belong to, we won’t discourage you from joining any of the others out there. But, sometimes we can’t find the help and support we need anywhere else.

Our membership is made up of more than 700 Canadian VAs.

When you have questions about your HST remittance, whether you should go with Bell or Rogers for your ISP, or want to chat about the latest episode of The Hour, the best place to go is to your fellow Canadians via our email Discussion List.

  • This is where alliances and referral networks are built.

  • This is where you combat those feelings of work-from-home-isolation.

  • This is your water cooler.

  • This is your lifeline!

“Making the change from the corporate ‘workforce’ to doing it all on my own, the CVAC group has been invaluable to my success – and sanity!  Knowing that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, someone from CVAC is online and will respond is like having a business life-line.  I have a group of savvy business owners at my disposal who have an answer to my query or who can provide varied opinions and perspectives when I need to have a bouncing board!  I couldn’t do what I do without knowing that I have this group to support me!” 

Amy Ewart

Online Business Manager 


A listing for your company in the CVAC Member Directory

When someone in need of a VA comes to the CVAC website, the first thing they do is browse our member directory. Businesses are searchable by province and you’re given lots of room to list detailed information about the services you provide. 

“Because I became a member of CVAC and had my information on the member directory, I received an inquiry from a customer who was looking for assistance.  But for this directory, they would have never found me!  I was also asked to be interviewed for an upcoming book on VA's, also because of my involvement with CVAC."


Marion McDonald

The Satellite Secretary


Already know you want to join CVAC?  Click Here


Access to all Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Because CVAC is the only organization in existence for Canadian VAs, we receive many RFPs from Canadian entrepreneurs looking for help from people like YOU! These requests are delivered to members via the email discussion list.  

“The support, contacts and alliances I have made through CVAC are priceless. Having a network of professionals to bounce ideas off of was so helpful in getting my business where it is today. It’s also a great place for me to share my skills; it feels great when I can now help a new VA with their questions. The CVAC RFP system is great, and I have been fortunate to obtain some clients through this system.  Learning about the talents of many of my peers has allowed me to offer new services to my clients, therefore growing my business. I can’t stress how much of an impact joining this group of fabulous people has made to my success thus far.  The ongoing support and networking opportunities is fabulous.  Joining CVAC was one of the best business decisions I’ve made.”


Kristi Gambling, Director

Double You Business Services


Access to CVAC’s Mentoring Program

Through our popular mentoring program, new and aspiring VAs are paired with successful, seasoned Virtual Assistants. This is a beneficial relationship for both parties involved; the new VA gets the opportunity to learn from someone who has “been there, done that” while the experienced VA has the privilege to give back and help someone new to the industry to become established. We are lucky to have several experienced VAs ready to jump in and help those new to the industry and when you’re just starting out, a mentor-mentee relationship can be completely invaluable.


“Joining CVAC has helped my business grow by networking with other professionals and establishing valuable relationships. I would recommend this group to any Canadian VA – it’s a great place to learn if you are in the development stages of your business, as well as a great place to network if you are a more experienced VA.”

Amanda Ayles

AmandaMarks Business Solutions


Access to CVAC Webinars and VA chats

Periodically, we host educational Webinars on cutting edge technologies, business practices and industry resources. CVAC members receive a discount on these events for any which are not free to members.

“When I first started VA business the first group I signed up for was the CVAC.  My first official client was the outcome of responding to a Request for Proposal submitted to the CVAC website.  Throughout the time that I’ve been a part of this group I have gained invaluable advice, support and made some lasting relationships.   This group has made a big difference to my business, and I would highly recommend to any VA thinking of getting into the business, or a VA with an established business to join this group and enjoy the benefits.”

Christina Greenway

Online Office Assistants


Free subscription of the CVAC Newsletter

On a weekly basis, we scour industry news and compile the most important and relevant articles to publish in our newsletter. When you join CVAC and subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll receive invaluable tips, solid recommendations and important industry news to help keep you focused on growing your practice.

“I have been in business for myself for over 12 years. When I realized late in 2006 that I was actually working as a Virtual Assistant, the first resource I came across was CVAC. I joined immediately and I have never looked back.  

I downloaded every resource and made use of everything they had to offer, in an effort to re-brand myself as a VA. I joined the email list and the forum and have connected with many colleagues in this industry. I am very happy to be able to consult my CVAC friends anytime for regular advice and inspiration.

 CVAC was a big part of getting me pointed in the right direction as a VA, and it is always the first resource that I send new Canadian VAs to. “

Tracey D'Aviero


Other CVAC Membership Benefits include:

 FREE Web Hosting for six months

 Discounted Group Insurance (including health, long term disability and dental)

 Special CVAC price on Grand and Toy office supplies

 Specials on Domain Registration


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How much will all this cost you?

Everything you just finished reading about – the whole kit ‘n caboodle – is going to set you back $35 per year.

Yes you saw that right. $35 per year! Not per month, or bi-weekly. CVAC membership is yours for $35 per year.

Exclusive access to our RFP system ALONE is worth more than a yearly payment of $35!

This is one of the most cost effective ways you can possibly market your VA business. For that $35, your business is listed in our directory, you will be networking with VAs all over the country and RFPs are delivered right to your email inbox. You really can’t go wrong with this monetarily tiny investment.

Want to see some more feedback from our members before you commit?


“I would like to express my gratitude for all the expertise that we as VA's can share and learn within this group. We have such a diverse group and anything that a member posts, the response is an encouragement and an inspiration to others like me who consider ourselves VA wannabe's. This is a caring group that is able to answer questions based on varied experiences. I would recommend this group to anyone!”

Gerry T

“I have learned, grown and become informed on so much in this industry solely through the CVAC and the caring, sharing and mentoring that happens in this group. I have recommended them to every new VA who asks me where they should go. CVAC should be their first step when entering the Virtual Assistant profession.”

Diane L. Coville
Alternative Office Assistance



 “I feel very honoured and blessed to be a part of the CVAC. Our Founders, Janice and Elayne are the best and are always thinking of new and innovative ways to make things better for the membership.

 There is a great wealth of knowledge and true caring within our membership, which not only benefits us all as members, but CVAC as a whole. Thank you CVAC and team members, you are all awesome.”

Caroline Jarzabek

CMJ Virtual Office Manager

2008 Janet Jordan Achievement Award Nominee


“When I first decided to start my business in March of 2005, I read an article in the Toronto Star about the virtual industry.  In it was mentioned the Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection.

Even though I had not yet formally registered my company, I decided to join the group to find out more about how things worked and (perhaps) learn from the “veterans” of the VA world.

Since joining in 2005, I’ve not only met some wonderful, “virtual” friends, I’ve learned a great deal from the ongoing discussions about various topics (web design, fees for service, MS-Word, etc.) relating to my company’s niche.

I re-joined CVAC immediately when my membership came due again.  CVAC (and its members) have been a lifeline for me, especially in the difficult first months of my business start-up phase.  Its members (and founders) were there to listen to me and were always willing and able to answer my questions or support me when it seemed like nothing was going right. If you’re thinking of becoming a virtual assistant, CVAC is the group for you!

Jef Keep

Daily Planet Virtual Services

2008 Janet Jordan Achievement Award Nominee

 “CVAC was the first organization I joined when I decided I wanted to be a VA. It was actually Elayne who helped me come up with a tagline for my business! As far as I’m concerned, the email discussion group is worth a hundred times the cost of a yearly membership. It still amazes me how quickly people will respond to a “bat signal” when I need help. I’ve actually done experiments by posting a question to a forum and posting the same thing to the discussion group and the list always wins for the best responses for anything Canadian when sometimes the forum post never gets answered at all. I’ve gotten some work from responding to RFPs, I’ve built up alliances with several members – joining CVAC should be a no-brainer for Canadian VAs.”

Jaime Lee Mann

Mann Made Time

2007 Janet Jordan Achievement Award Recipient


“CVAC is a wonderful group of people who don’t hesitate to share their knowledge and resources. Hearing what others have experienced, along with the joys and pitfalls of being part of a new profession has played an important supportive role in the development of my own business. I don’t hesitate to ask the group a question when I’m stuck or need a second opinion. There’s enthusiastic participation on the “list” and always someone with a helpful answer.  The leaders of CVAC have a clear vision for the future and do a great job in making this a successful organization.  And best of all, it’s Canadian!”

Tana Woodward

Tana Woodward & Associates


 Are you ready to join us?

We would love to have you as CVAC’s newest member.

All you have to do to gain access to all member-only areas of CVAC is complete this form and make your payment of $35.

This will potentially be the best and most important $35 investment you’ll ever make.

To your success,


Janice and Elayne


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